Weekly #3 – 5 Tricks On How To Conquer Procrastination

Every person has dealt with procrastination in their life. It is the number one reason why people are not achieving their goals and dreams in their life.

You may know this situation. You are chilling on the couch and browsing social networks or the internet, without coming to an end.

There is one simple fact: Every time you are procrastinating something, this task gets bigger and even feels more deterrent once you finally want to work it off.

The following tips will help you to deal with procrastination:

The 1 Minute Rule

If you can do something in less than one minute, just do it right now! Examples of this could be putting just used dishes in the dishwasher, replying to a message, or replacing a toilet roll. This method helps you to eliminate all your small tasks instantly.

Eat That Frog

This is a great method to work off bigger pain points on your to-do list. It's from the book Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy and it's about doing the most unpleasant thing(s) first. You will also learn from the book, how to deal with your schedule and make it as effective as possible.

Organized Digital Spaces

There is just as much procrastination in the digital world as in real life. Maybe even more. After reading a received e-mail, file or message put it in the designated (archive) folder. Doing this constantly will help you not get into a digital traffic jam on your device(s). Also, this will keep your inbox clean which will lead to less stress.

Set Yourself Goals

Create a checklist every day with the tasks you'd like to do. Check your To-do list in the evening and look at what you've finished. A great way of using a to-do system is Analog by Ugmonk. It's a simple productivity system with a great-looking physical companion that will help you to focus on your important tasks.

Important: Your life shouldn't be a to-do list. Our brain is not able to think of multiple things at a time. So see this as a tool. But it should not take over your time in a convulsive way.

Reward Yourself

Don't forget to reward yourself. Do something you really enjoy. This is crucial and you will have it easier the next time.

Weekly Inspiration

A collection of my favorite websites & products of this week.

Contra Freelance Industry Report – Beautiful interactive landing page

Julia Johnson – Really like the color concept and interactions.

Macintosh 128k – Thibaut Crepelle created a modern & fresh view of a classic vintage.

Von Heilig – Daniel Heilig’s portfolio and online store are packed with lovely interactions.

Braun Audio 308 – Great 3D render by Jason Zigrino

This Weeks Insight

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha

Don’t wait till tomorrow to do that thing you love. Start today. Start now.

Cool Things

A list of links to tools, products, articles I think are worth a look at.

Spik AI – Generate speech from text.

Visualize Value – Value-packed courses from Jack Butcher on how to learn, teach, build, and sell better on the internet.

Iconic Icons – Free pixel-perfect icon library, extended every week.

Coolors – Super fast color schemes generator

Design Principles – Open-source collection of Design Principles and methods

Stream Club – Livestreaming made simple

Webflow No-Code Conf 2021 – Happening from the 17th - 18th of November 2021

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